Starting level 85
Elegia Free
Dual AIO System
Bless Enchant 100% 
Slot Buff = 32/15 2h NPC Buffer +10

Freya Jynx
Rate: Exp/Adena/SP: x1000/x1000/x1000
Augment Skills: 45%
Scroll Enchant: 66%
Blessed Enchant: 100%
Element Stone: 100% (Crystal,Jewel,Engery 0%)
Dual AIO System
Slot Buff 32/15 2h NPC Buffer +10

Basic Infomations:
Vote System (ON)
Infinity Talismans (ON)
Nobles System PvP (ON)
TvT Event (ON)
.tvtjoin / .tvtleave
Skill Check Remove (ON)

Npcs Custom:
GM Shop
Jynx Manager
Jynx Shop
GM Buffer
GK Global

Coins Farm:
Jynx Coin (Hot Springs / 420-520)
Jynx Coin (Medium LA-BC / 211-311)
Jynx Coin (Peace / 150-250)
Special, Mastery, RB (Farm Boss / 8-19;19-39;1-3)
Mid-grade Stone (Farm Boss;TvT / 1-1)

Farm Zones:
Farm Boss (Top Farm)
Hot Springs (Hard Farm)
LA/BC (Medium Farm)
Peace (Easy Farm)

Server Enchants:
Weapon – Safe +3 Max +12
Armor - Safe +3 Max +12
Jewel - Safe +3 Max +12
Etc Item - Safe +3 Max +12

Para mais informações entre no jogo e divirta-se!
For more informations enter game and have fun!